Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catch Up in Reverse

    Because I am too lazy to rearrange all of the photos in chronological order, I'll just go backwards.We moved to Athens! Our first weekend here there was a Low Country Boil at a farm of some church members. They had bounce houses... 

                   A pond for fishing and canoeing...
     And a lot of room for playing football. Miss E wanted to join the big boys.

   Since we have no friends :), we have spent some time at the library. The have a really big Children's Area and this fun dollhouse and large dolls.

         For Memorial Day, I took the kids to a little festival that had bounce houses, games, and face-painting. 
       Backing up to Charleston, Grady had a fun last day of school where they performed a few songs, served the parents ice cream, and received these diplomas for graduating 3K.
      Grady and Tyler enjoying a picnic outside. Nothing was so cute as when the were both sitting there alone, heads bowed, hands clasped, praying "God Our Father" in unison.
     Final beach trip until July! Emory's first trip this year. Too cold!
 That's better.
 Daddy's home! 

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